…so that you can have a better view of the Estonian business landscape.


Web based solution for a complete overview of the customer´s, business partner´s or a competitor´s background.
All necessary information about the Estonian businesses and entrepreneurs in one place.

NOW! (only in Estonian language)

Mobile app for automatic monitoring of the customer´s, business partner´s or a competitor´s business information.
Automatic notifications about the businesses you are interested in.


Systems integration for immediate use of the needed business information in your business software.
Transform business information into business intelligence in your way.


A ready made solution for sales and finance departments, credit specialists and for entrepreneurs for making smarter decisions.
Inforegister offers a complete overview of the Estonia´s businesses and entrepreneurs. Business networks are showing the relations between businesses and people, financial data can be used to make fundamental analysis, debt info reveals payment behaviors and Credit Score combines all the business information into one number that helps to evaluate credit risk before and after the transaction.
With Inforegister you can make background checks, improve the quality of the credit decisions, find new sales contacts, make a market research and increase sales potential.


Inforegister NOW!* offers a novel solution for hacking inside the massive business data – Android app moves with your business and helps to make thoughtful decisions by automatically notifying you about the changes in businesses that you are interested in.
NOW! signals you when important changes appear with businesses that you are somehow related to or interested in. You´ll be notified about the debt information, changes in the board, changes in the basic data, changes in the credit risk, bankrupt etc.
With NOW! you´re always up to date with the changes happening with your customers and know exactly what´s going on with your business partners and competitors. NOW! also helps to react quickly to those changes by contacting with a particular business or forward it to the next person.

*Using Inforegister NOW! Andorid app is free until the end of the year. The app is currently available only in Estonian language.

API (Application Programming Interface)

API helps you to save time by transfering business intelligence directly to your business software and visualizing information the way it is needed for your business.
With API you can transfer the right information to every person in your business through the software, they use daily or choose which information and how will be shown to which person or department. All the data can be used also as an input for a specialized analysis software for gaining even better insights.
Using API changes the work of sales and finance people, credit specialists and managers of different levels much faster and more efficient by helping to make smarter decisions always at the right time.

Get started with Inforegister and/or API We look forward to hearing from you.